- Acko, could you tell us something about one particular painting of yours?


Yes, Let’s talk about Bubala multitudo ad infinitum.


- Date of creation?


Spring 2012


- Why this title?


This painting is not abstract, so the tittle expresses what is represented on the canvas. The title means something like: the multitudes of Bubalas infinitely.

The words dynamise and emphasize what I express, but still retain a graphic role.

The title in itself is a repetition of what I have written on the canvas.


- What are the Bubalas for non-savvy?


I went to Viet Nam for three successive winters; altogether I spent 10 months there from 2004 to 2007; I settled my studio in Cholon, the Chinese District of Ho Chi Minh City. There, I took a keen interest in the lunar calendar and worked on the Chinese astrological theme of the year. First, I introduced the rat character in my work during the year of the rat, and then the Buffalo. The Buffalo is my sign; I placed myself on the canvas in the form of the she-buffalo, which changed its name along the way: Bubala, Bubalita which have become my alter ego.


- Where does this creation come from?


From an obsessive and repetitive desire to duplicate myself. It probably came to me at the end of a period of doubt. I just remember that I did this painting in a state of euphoria that I had not experienced for a long time. I even told my friends that I had just realized THE Painting of my life…


- Which country do the Bubalas come from?


They come from my imagination which is everywhere but especially in myself.


- Do you have other topics?


The themes follow each other but rarely intersect. With the exception of abstractions; my work on the square, which is very resourcing for me. It’s about a square in a square, usually crossed by a path toward the center, which can evoke a praying wheel on its axis or a succession of windows or doors leading to a light. A form of introspection, with an opening in the Center.


- Where is this canvas?


In the center of the only living room of my studio which is also my home


- What are its dimensions?


81 x 100 cm


- Tell me about the technical details of this work?


Silver leaves on red plate, cut and sewn cans, Chinese calendars sheets painted with acrylic and Japanese origami sheets, oil painting, marble powder, all on canvas.


- What inspires you?


Life. Everything. Fra Angelico inspired these uses of gold. Sometimes it happens without warning and it’s happiness.


- Your philosophy of life?


Love, art, research, discovering.


- Your professional career?

 I am also fashion designer and model maker. In parallel, I embarked on painting. And it cannibalized my whole life. My paintings started to be sold in galleries in 1996. 

And now I find it interesting to mix my art with fashion. It’s a meeting of all my paths. I don’t like so much the word fashion that I cheerfully abused in my everyday life.


- Your dream?


What's the point in building castles in the air? You just have to enjoy the daily life as well as the unexpected opportunities. We will never live in our ideal world. And indeed it would be very boring.


- Your artistic news?


A CD cover for the Kajdan Rough Trio. I did a canvas inspired by their world; the leader of the Group, Jean-Michel Kajdan, immediately liked it. The title of the album and of the painting is "In a new light". You can see it on www.kajdan.com.

We did an exhibition/concert for the release of the album in mid March but the CD still hounds in stores and on the website!

And soon an exhibition at the cultural center Louise Michel in Les Lilas (near Paris) in duo with another artist: Suhail Shaikh who makes wonderful mobiles with white paper.


- Your passions?


Painting, art, people, and all of these preferably mixed together and with music.


- Your character traits?


Sensitive, emotional, honest, independent, mental, and so a pest sometimes.

I'm a sponge with a scratchy side.

Creative of course.


- Your little flaws and foibles?


Demanding of others as much as of myself. Which involves lots of questions…

Too mental. I get bored very quickly if I'm with people that I haven’t chosen… which is very depressing because I feel that I'm not like everybody else and I'm perhaps missing something.

Too emotional, too much integrity, too independent, too spongy.


- Your favorite place to work, or concentrate?


My studio is the best place to work and concentrate. For me contemplation and work is somewhat the same thing.


- Your favorite artists?


Rothko, Basquiat, Picasso, Keith Haring, Fra Angelico, JonOne, Speedy Graphito, Combas and many others!



- An exhibition which made a lasting impression on you?


Fra Angelico because I didn’t expect such a shock. And Basquiat obviously.


- Your favorite colors?


It depends on context. The beauty of a color is relative to something.


- Animals?


No, I resist the temptation, but it's hard...


- A gift that you would like to have?


Being a musician. Electric guitar in particular makes me vibrate. I love rock music and in another life I'll learn at an early age; it’s too late for me now because, at 50 you must play like Hendricks or not at all.


- You spoke of your relation to the world of fashion. What do you like in fashion?


It's Visual art! Dressing up is an art. It reflects your nature, your mood. What a person wears says a lot about him or her. //** The choice of clothing says a lot about the person wearing it.

Sincerity, deception, simplicity, eccentricity, putting on an act, total lack of taste, or imagination, great shape, fatigue… Basically, you are what you wear.

Fashion, or more exactly the pleasure to adorn yourself or not, is also a courtesy that we extend to the people we meet.

That said, I am never as comfortable as in my stained and patched painting clothes.


- Zodiac sign?


Gemini ascendant Virgin. And metal Buffalo in Chinese Astrology.


- The news that interests you?


Everything concerning freedom.


- Your little secret to feel good?


Yoga. I practice almost every day.


Interview by Olivia Lans Hébrard for Arborati. www.arborati.com

January 2013